How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! The first step is to schedule a $25 Introductory Lesson with one of our trained & certified instructors. The introductory lesson is designed to get you acclimated to the studio, and to give you a feel for what learning to dance is all about. Visit our CONTACT US page to set-up an appointment via email or by phone.

How long will it take?

The length of your course will depend on how many dances you want to learn and how proficient you wish to become in each dance. However, you will be able to dance after your first lesson!

How much do lessons cost?

Much like making an investment in your education, your tuition may vary depending on a number of factors; for example, how proficient you want to be, what dances you want to learn, immediate or long-term goals you may have, and your dance schedule. After your $25 Introductory Lesson, your instructor and New Student Director will recommend a program and will be able to answer any questions you may have so you will have the knowledge to make an informed choice about how you'd like to start. 


Dancing is your first line of social activity. Good dancing is a lifetime investment in amusement, poise, confidence, improved personality, and new friends. Beyond these, dancing is a superb physical conditioner, providing fun and exercise without having to workout on a treadmill! Learning to dance will open up a wonderful new world of togetherness and a thriving year-round social calendar. Being able to dance any time, any where, to any music, on any floor, with any person, particularly your loved one, is a great superpower to have and is our number one priority. 

Can I really learn to dance?

Yes! Dancing is just walking to music. We teach simple, basic elements, from which the steps and dances are derived. Hundreds of thousands of people have been successfully trained in Arthur Murray Dance Studios. There is no age limit, and you are in total control of your progress.

When can I take lessons?

You can take your lessons any time you wish. Our studio is open Monday from 6-10pm, Tuesday-Friday from 12:30-10pm, and Saturday from 10am-2pm. Appointments for private lessons are required.

Will I have a good teacher?

You will have the best teacher! All of our dance instructors must complete an arduous training regimen and certification process for each level of dancing with an Arthur Murray Examiner. They are experienced on the dance floor and knowledgeable in techniques to help you learn today's most popular dances. The instructors selected for you are ones we know will best suit your personality and learning style. If you ever feel like you aren't "gelling" with your teacher, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Is your system of teaching difficult?

Not at all. Since 1912 Arthur Murray's has been making learning fun and easy with an interrelated system of teaching. We teach four simple basic movements from which new combinations and dances are derived. Although we don't use the "printed feet on the ground method" anymore, we guarantee you will be able to dance out of the studio after your very first lesson.

Do you have open dances or Open groups?

Because of the structure of our studios, our group classes and studio practice parties are supplemented to one's personalized program; therefore they are not open to the public. Occasionally, we will offer open dances, open houses, guest parties, and other activities which we will do our best to advertise for the public to attend.