You want me to dance in WHAT now?

Why they say heels are a girl’s best friend, we’ll never know...

After waiting three months Emily finally received her first pair of ballroom high heels in the mail. She crossed her fingers hoping they would fit as she pulled them out of the box. Excitement filled her eyes at the sight of such pretty pristine shoes. Thinking to herself, “I’m going to look stunning and commanding on that dance floor,” Emily proceeded to try them on.  

Emily buckled on her new heels and stood up confidently. Everything seemed great until she took a step forward. Her balance had suddenly slipped away from her as she attempted a simple box step.

“Maybe I just need to walk in them for awhile.” Emily took a walk around her kitchen and found herself faltering all over. Trying to walk toward her sofa, Emily felt more like a baby giraffe then she did a hot sexy ballroom dancer stealing the attention of the audience. Standing in front of her sofa Emily sat down and looked at her heels. She realized her heels were no longer friends but instead her personal monsters.

Emily didn’t realize how difficult it was going to be dancing in heels. Before her personal lesson she went to group class not realizing how horrible of a dancer her heels would make her feel. Ten minutes into the group class Emily fumbled with every step she took. As she changed partners Emily fell right into her partner’s arms! Balance was truly her new enemy.

Feeling defeated, Emily started to change back into her practice shoes when her instructor, Kevin, asked why she was changing shoes. Emily told Kevin her new shoes were making her feel stupid, clumsy, and insecure. Regardless of how Emily felt, Kevin encouraged her to keep them on, promising he would be her support beam as she learned to move comfortably in the heels.

Emily sat down after her lesson and took off her heels. Resting her bare feet on the dance floor was the best feeling she had all day. It felt both great and painful at the same time. Just then one of the other female students sat next to Emily and asked how she liked her new heels.

Emily had two words, “It sucked!”

“What do you mean,” the student questioned.

Emily proceeded to explain how the shoes made her feel defeated and embarrassed. The student nodded and explained that she felt the same way when she first started dancing in her heels. Emily listened as the student gave her advice that changed her mindset and pushed her to keep trying.

The student explained, “The trick is to know that your heels don’t control you… You control them.”  After much practicing, Emily found herself flying across the ballroom once again. She no longer felt like a baby giraffe, instead she felt incredibly graceful, elegant, commanding, and sexy.


Ladies, if you’re struggling with your heels remember the advice Emily received. You’re heels don’t control you. You control them. It’s all about practice and never giving up.

Written by Rachel Bingham