It’s one of the most important days of your life. All eyes are on the two of you as you take the floor spinning, stepping, and swaying in perfect harmony. This is a once in a lifetime moment...

It’s your first dance as husband and wife!

Copyrighted Dustin & Corynn Wedding Photography

Copyrighted Dustin & Corynn Wedding Photography

Every couple is looking for a first dance that is uniquely theirs. They want to cherish the magical moment where they finally get to spend a little time during a busy day in their partner’s arms.

Arthur Murray Dance Centers has helped create countless first dance moments over our 100 years of experience. Here is our advice on how to make your vision come to life:

  • Don’t wait until the last minute!

    Everyone remembers trying to study last minute for finals week in school. It never goes well and you kick yourself for not studying earlier. Dance lessons are no different. Our happiest couples are the ones that start at least 4 to 6 months before the wedding. Give yourselves enough time to remember steps or choreography, and feel confident moving together.

  • Pick a song you could listen to on repeat!

    When taking lessons you will hear your song a lot and often, especially if it’s a current hit on the radio. Make sure it’s a song that won’t lose its luster or personal meaning after a few weeks. Our teachers love it when couples come in with a different song choice. It’s a proven way to make sure your first dance will be uniquely yours! If you haven’t chosen a song yet, don’t worry. We can make some recommendations based on your personalities, vision, wedding style, and dances you enjoy.

  • Take advantage of the group classes and studio parties!

    Everyone always feels more comfortable on private lessons, but the classes and parties are a closer representation to what your reception will be like. Also, the teachers will be at the groups and parties to help you navigate the dances, identify music, and remember steps; however, we won’t be at your reception.

  • Limitations, restrictions, and hurdles… Oh my!

    Let us know what may hinder your ultimate dance vision. This could be anything from a restrictive wedding dress to scheduling to dancing on cobblestone to working with a live band to physical ailments. Our goal is to prepare you for what you could encounter on your wedding day so you aren’t taken by surprise.

  • Do an in-studio spotlight performance before your wedding!

    If you are going to do a first dance on your wedding day, perhaps the first time you actually dance it shouldn’t be on your wedding day. Every wedding couple performs their wedding dance in the studio a few weeks before their wedding to help get the jitters out… and they are so thankful they did! The spotlight dance will not only give you a goal other than the wedding day, but will help to tell you and your teachers if there are still a few spots to polish. Trust us, you will be glad your dance is complete & ready BEFORE your actual wedding day.


Still have questions about getting ready for your wedding day? Check out our Weddings page or contact us to set up a consultation or your first Introductory Lesson. We can help you with any dance vision… elaborate choreography, simple & intimate movements, or including the whole family and bridal party. Let Arthur Murray help enhance your wedding day & create memories that will last a lifetime!