Hello fellow Irish Formation Dancers!

Here you will find some links and imagery for costuming, practice videos, and the song we are dancing to for the St. Paddy's Newsome Twosome this March! I hope you find this helpful as we start our journey.

All costumes must be approved no later than 10 days prior to the performance. Please feel free to email me with any questions or catch me in the studio. I will be available Saturday's after practice to address any concerns.

- Amy Schuldt (aschuldt@arthurmurrayfortwayne.com)


Formation practice song

We will be ending around the 1:37 mark. Extra tid-bit, This song is from the movie soundtrack "The Boondock Saints."


ladies costuming

  • DRESS: Plaid/Tartan or cable knit dress or skirt. Use reference pictures below for ideas.
  • COLORS: Earth tones and/or dark jewel tones, such as, off-white, gray, brown/khaki, navy, burgundy, deep purple, mustard, burnt orange, emerald, hunter and mossy green. Try to stay away from all black!
  • FABRICS: Cotton, wool, tweed, knit, and leather. Mix colors and textures together for a more complete ensemble.
  • Dress/Skirt needs to have movement and appear fuller. We are going for a 1950's style, so no skin-tight, mini-skirts, or overtly modern looking or baggy dresses. If you feel like your dress needs a little more "oomph," you can always borrow a petticoat from Theresa or one of the other Disney formation girls.
  • Need to be able to kick, corté, spin freely, and raise arms overhead.
  • Leggings, pantyhose, tights, legwarmers, hats, cardigans, belts, scarves, hair pieces, jewelry and other accessories are acceptable. Please make sure items do not impair your dancing (ex: bracelets don't fly off with arm styling, earrings are too long to hit you in nostril when you spin. Trust me.. it hurts.)
  • Any dance shoes are acceptable. However, please make sure your shoes blend in with your hosiery (ex: no nude colored shoes over dark tights.)
  • Hair may be worn up or down. Be kind to the gentleman though. They don't like getting a face or mouth full of hair as you spin.


gentlemen's costuming

  • TOP: Any combination of plaid/solid button-down shirt, vest/waistcoat, cable knit sweater, cardigan, and/or sport coat. Use reference pictures below for ideas. We are going for a layered, Irish dock-worker look.
  • BOTTOM: Trousers, khakis, corduroys. No cargo pants!
  • COLORS: Earth tones and/or dark jewel tones, such as, off-white, gray, brown/khaki, navy, burgundy, deep purple, mustard, burnt orange, emerald, hunter and mossy green. Try to stay away from all black!
  • FABRICS: Cotton, wool, tweed, knit, and leather. Mix colors and textures together for a more complete ensemble.
  • Newsboy/Cabbie hats, suspenders, ties, bow ties, scarves, patterned socks, and belts are all acceptable. Please make sure any accessories do not impair your dancing (ex: hats don't stay on your head.) 
  • Please be sure that shirts stay tucked in when arms are raised over head.
  • Any dance shoes are acceptable. If you'd like to dance in other street or dress shoes, this is also okay.


Where to shop

The look we are going for is layered, rural, fall-like, modest, vintage, neutral, and earthen. (No stereotypical green leprechauns in this formation!) I'd always like to keep the outfits inexpensive for you all, and also try to find things you may use or wear again. 

Be sure the check the easiest place first... YOUR OWN CLOSET! You may have something tucked away that is now useful again. You may even ask a friend, relative, or myself. The staff are always willing to lend out pieces for performances. (Gents, most of these pictures resemble Mr. Damon's wardrobe. LOL!)

Luckily, we are on the tail-end of the fall and winter seasons, which means these fashions are now being discounted at department stores. Lucky us! Never one to pass up a bargain, I always recommend checking out the clearance racks to see what you can find before paying full-price.

Gentlemen, your costume attire stems from real-life and will therefore be easier to acquire with stores in town. Ladies, you may have to do some shopping online.

  • DEPARTMENT STORES: Kohl's, JCPenny's, Target, Carson's, Burlington Coat Factory, Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Macy's, Sear's, Von Maur, Gordman's
  • RETAIL STORES: H&M, Express, Forever 21, Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Jos. A. Bank
  • DISCOUNT STORES: Plato's Closet, Clothes Mentor, Goodwill, Salvation Army, Treasure House
  • VINTAGE STORES: Saving Grace Vintage, Mercantile on Main, Maise and Maude, Country Shops of Grabill
  • ONLINE STORES: Amazon.com, Groupon.com, Modcloth.com
    • Ladies - Type in "plaid dress," "tartan dress," or "cable knit sweater dress" in the search bar. Several options, particularly on Amazon, will come up for around $20. Click here is an example.

Practice Videos

Ladies & Gents Beginning Section Explained up to "High 5."

You all dancing the first section to music! Beginning to the first "GONG."

The "Tango-esque" section up to the partner switch in the two circles.

Timing & Footwork for Men's Outer Circle and Ladies' Inner Circle

Rumba Section from end of guys/girls circles.
Getting from the Rumba Section to your cluster and through the ladies chain.
From after the Ladies Chain where all the clusters start to break apart.