Hang on tight! Another Newsome Twosome is right around the corner!

Whether it’s your first Newsome Twosome or your thirtieth, we want you to make this a life changing moment!

Wait one second... just what is Newsome Twosome anyway?

It’s an in-studio spotlight event where students and staff perform something they have been working on to a given theme. The rule is it has to be something NEW and it has to be at least a TWOsome!

“What? You want me to PERFORM?!”

Well… yes and no! We want to showcase all the student’s hard work and dedication in a one night celebration. Let’s be real, “performing” can be a nerve wracking experience for some. Not everyone enjoys the overwhelming sensations that fill our bodies before a performance. If this is you, it’s okay. You can use this event as different kind of life changer, and here’s how!

1. Where’s my comfort zone?

Too often we are more inclined to stay in our comfort zones. As hard as it might be, you can break out of the comfort zone bubble. Great things happen outside of your comfort zone. Newsome Twosome might not seem like an obvious way of breaking out, but it can open a door to different world of confidence, accomplishment, community, and FUN!

2. Let Your Inner Child Loose!

We‘re always encouraging our children to find ways of expressing themselves. Well, guess what? This applies to you, too! Pick your favorite song or dance that fuels your soul… that song where you just can’t sit still. Perform like no one’s watching and let your inner child come to life!

3. Make a New Connection

Whether you perform at Newsome Twosome or just come to watch, attending events is a great opportunity to meet new people and connect with someone new. Perhaps you liked someone’s performance, costume, or difficulty level, use those as conversation starters. There could be a new friendship in the making.  

4. Stand Out on the Dance Floor

There are some of you that just love to perform, standout, and be recognized. Maybe you love the thrill of people watching you as the adrenaline kicks in at the sound of your favorite song being played. Newsome Twosome is a great way of getting to experience all of those feelings. Performing at a studio event can also be great practice for future BIGGER events, like Showcases or Dance-o-Rama’s, where the floor is bigger and perhaps more is at stake.

5. Dancing Date Night

Newsome Twosome is a great time to make a memory with your significant other. Performing together can create a bond of accomplishment, admiration, and communication. If you do a routine with someone else, you still get to cheer on one another from the sidelines. How great is it to see your special someone be your cheerleader? Any way you decide to participate, you have a unique date night full of performances, drinks, and dancing.

(Photo Credits to Matt Pranger Photography)

Newsome Twosome is meant to be a time of growth and fun, but only if you let Arthur Murray pour its “Miraculous Inspiration & Encouragement Elixir” into your life through dance. Doing an event, like Newsome Twosome, isn’t life changing because we say it is... it’s life changing because you choose to make it so! Allow yourselves to be challenged. Allow yourself to come out of your shell. Allow yourself to be a part of the magic.