Call them coaches, consultants, master communicators, or dance experts... they come to your studio with the sole mission of making your dancing and understanding clearer. So here are a few things consider if you are wondering what a personal coaching lesson can do for you!

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  1. Everyone takes coaching lessons! Ever wonder how the “really good students” got be be “really good?” Not only were they once a new student, too, just like you; they took lessons from every coach that came to the studio, because every coach and teacher has something unique to offer.

  2. Your teacher starts to become “white noise.” How many times has your instructor asked you to hold up your frame, take a heel lead, or not look down? After a while, instructor’s start to sound Charlie Brown’s teacher. Coaches have a magical way of saying the same things you’ve been hearing in a NEW and EXCITING way.

  3. They can give your dance program a new jolt of energy! Coaches can help kick start a part of your dance program that may not be in place yet. They can help choreograph a routine, get you started on the next level, work on new techniques, or introduce new dances that may be the their specialty.

  4. Coaching Lessons help your teacher be BETTER TEACHERS. When a coach comes to the studio, they bestow their knowledge not only to you but to YOUR TEACHERS, too. Your instructors now have new methods, phrases, and teaching techniques now having heard expert dancers and coaches in the industry communicate to you personally.

  5. You gain outside perspective on your progress. After a while, you don’t believe your teacher anymore when they tell you something good about your dancing. Come on… you know it’s true. Coaches have never seen you dance before… or if they have, they haven’t see your dancing for a few months or years. Because coaches train students at so many levels, they can give you an unbiased opinion about your dance progress and how to improve on what you already are doing.

Every Arthur Murray studio brings in several different coaches every year. If your teacher asks you to take a coaching lesson, you should listen to them! They have your dance goals and certain coaches in mind when asking you to do a personal coaching lesson. Take advantage of all the opportunities provided while they are in the studio, because you never know when they will be back! 

Written by Amy Schuldt